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Financing Essential Purpose Assets to Optimize your Budget

Holman Capital understands the challenges State and Local Governments face as they seek to deliver vital services efficiently. We get to know our clients and craft customized public sector financing solutions specifically based on their situation and needs to help fund patrol cars, administrative facilities, pipelines and everything else required to sustain and grow a community.

What We Finance

What We



911 Emergency Response Systems
Patrol Cars
Fire Trucks
Maritime Vessels
Public Safety Aircraft
Energy Management System


Energy Conservation Projects
Roads & Bridges
Street Light Systems
Water Treatment Plants
Renewable Energy Plants




Fire Stations
Police Stations
Court Houses
Public Works Yard
Transportation Garages

Who We Work With

Port Authorities
Special Districts
Fire Districts
Water Districts

Past Projects


City of Vacaville

City of Vacaville
PROJECT TYPE: Fire Station
CHALLENGES: The client needed to add another fire station due to the rising population in the City.
PROJECT SIZE: $6,000,000
SOLUTIONS: Holman Capital provided a 15-year financing tax-exempt municipal lease to finance 100% of the project cost.

City of Rialto

City of Rialto
PROJECT TYPE: Energy Conservation and Solar Project
CHALLENGES: The client wanted to reduce their utility bills that were rising due to older equipment that needed to be replaced.
PROJECT SIZE: $8,567,798
SOLUTIONS: Holman Capital financed lighting, A/C, HVAC, Controls, and Solar installations to reduce utility cost and provide general fund relief. Holman Capital structured a tax credit Clean Renewable Energy Bond financed over a 20 year period, which  delivered 100% financing, greater savings, and improved cash flow.

City of Santa Maria

City of Santa Maria
PROJECT TYPE: 911 System Upgrade
CHALLENGES: The client needed to upgrade its 911 system infrastructure to comply with federal and state emergency response guidelines.
PROJECT SIZE: $2,280,000
SOLUTIONS: Holman Capital provided a 100% financing solution with a 10-year tax-exempt municipal lease to fund the infrastructure backbone and user interface equipment.

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Our passion is empowering cities and municipalities across the United States to achieve their growth objectives. Talk to us about your public sector project today and let us help build you a brighter future.

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