Our Mission

America is going through a rapid pace of change.  We can chart a new course to improve our quality of life, educate the next generation, and be a beacon of prosperity.

Our mission is to be the top public sector debt, private equity, and management solutions provider to governments, educational institutions, and health systems nationwide. We listen to our clients, strategic partners and investors needs to deliver innovative public sector solutions, create jobs, and build a brighter future. Let's get started.

Message From The President

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Holman Capital was created to meet the diverse funding needs of federal, state & local governments, educational institutions, and health systems nationwide and the equally diverse investment needs of institutional investors globally. We consistently strive to exceed client expectations by providing value-added investment strategies and solutions to assist investors and borrowers with meeting their unique objectives.

Our primary goal is to become a top public sector financing partner by embracing risk, attracting the best talent, redeploying earnings back into the firm, and maintaining client satisfaction as our top priority.

Holman Capital provides ideas and capital to its clients to fund their equipment, technology, real property, infrastructure and energy needs. We manage the entire process from inception to close to provide a streamlined funding process, reduce overhead, and enhance project success.

Our private equity and debt solutions are designed to give the client a choice.  Now our public sector clients can choose to own their facilities and infrastructure or enter into a private public partnership to share the risk.  The choice is yours to make and we are here to deliver.

We have also developed extensive relationships with nationwide energy service companies to provide value added financing solutions to fund the next generation of renewable energy and building efficiency technologies. The collective goals are to reduce greenhouse gases, slow foreign oil dependency, create jobs, and enhance US competitiveness. Holman Capital’s unique focus in these areas will enable it to address a vital strategic pillar of the US economy with capital infusion and ideas for many years to come.

Life is about doing the right thing when no one is looking. Our legacy is to build a company that will last the test of time and create educational environments to produce the jobs of tomorrow. We look forward to learning more about your ideas and collaborating with you to build a better and brighter future.

Thank you.

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Lance S. Holman


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