March 16, 2020

A Dreamer with Drive, the Story of Business Alum Lance Holman

Masters alum has pushed himself to make his ambitions reality.

Lance Holman is the president and CEO of Holman Capital Corporation, a company he started in 2009 with the dream of providing knowledge, ideas, and capital to state and local governments, educational institutions, and health systems in the US.  A 1993 graduate of CU Denver, Lance has come a long way, establishing himself in the Finance field and building his company.

Choosing CU Denver

When it came to approaching higher education, Lance chose CU Denver because he knew it was “a great school.” He took advantage of dual masters, receiving his MBA and MS in Finance. Through his degrees, he gained the knowledge to compete in the global marketplace. Throughout the program, Lance continued working in the oil industry and took night classes. His hunger for knowledge drove him to learn as much as he could.

When asked how getting these degrees affected his career, Lance responded with one word: profoundly. The things he learned, from reading balance sheets to statistics to negotiations, were vital to helping him feel confident when it came to running his own company. The coursework introduced him to many aspects of business he would experience in his career. Not only that, but he gained valuable connections and experiences as a student.  While taking 12-18 credit hours, Lance started a public affairs consulting company working on the closure on Lowry AFB and a university logo shirt company to fund his graduate school education.  Additionally, he was asked to serve and the inaugural president of the newly launched African American Business Student Alliance.

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